Endangered Species - Right in Your Own Home!

  • Been looking for a Great-White-Shark-Jaw Polar-Bear-Trap? It’s here (Page 92).
  • Hawksbill-Turtle-Bidet with Hyena-Penis Water-Dispenser? Got it. Patagonian-Hedge-Hog Soap-Holder? Check.
  • Look inside and see for yourself.
  • With 78 great products spanning 128 pages you’ll be able to furnish your whole home with fine items crafted from endangered species.

Most items in this book are fabrications or outright lies (except, unfortunately the animals endangered status).
A great gift for outdoorsmen, environmentalists and anyone who needs a good laugh. Plus, a portion of the profits are being donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

Price: $9.95

Ripped from the book; Aardvarks, Hedge-Hogs & more…

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The Inspiration

for this catalog came from what I understand to be a real item - the Wall-Mounted Springbok-Penis Whisky-Dispenser, the existence of which was related to me by an acquaintance. The rest of the inspiration came from a bottle of whisky. Bob Ragsdale

And just how long is an aardvark's tongue? About 43 centimeters (17 inches).