Captain Niekerk's Fine Rooibos Tea™

All natural Rooibos Tea straight from South Africa (via Canada). This tea is described in page 20 of the book along with the "Bengal-Tiger’s-Head Teapot-Cozy."

  • Rooibos ("red bush" in Afrikaans) is an herbal tea that has been popular in South Africa for generations.
  • Each sack contains 20 teabags (sealed within a foil pouch to ensure freshness).
  • Rooibos has no caffeine, is high in antioxidants and has a robust nutty flavor.

Price: $6.95

Read about the Teapot-Cozy:

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"I wouldn’t be caught dead without an ample supply of Rooibos tea – it would be absolutely uncivilized. Make sure your manservant packs plenty." Purveyor of fine teas – Captain Niekerk